Private Dining

This information is provided to you to help make your private party an enjoyable experience.

If you need further assistance, please feel free to call 410-661-4357, Monday- Friday between the hours of 11am – 9pm.
Our Private Dining Coordinators are here to assist you!

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Pappas Parkville can accommodate private parties up to 150, with a minimum of 20. We have three banquet rooms ready to conform to your group’s size. Pappas reserves the right to choose the room based on individual party needs and/or size. All rooms are handicap accessible on our second floor via elevator.
*Bands, djs and/or dancing are not permitted. *We do not offer event planning. *We do
not offer buffet dining – seated meals only. *We do not book our private rooms any Saturday evening – no exceptions. Last Saturday seating is 2pm.

Additional Charges

Room Fee: There is a non-refundable room fee of $100 per room booked. The room fee includes use of linens, set up, clean up and utilities. Room fee is due within 3 days of booking along with your signed contract to confirm reservation, or at booking if less than 7 days.
Gratuity and Taxes: Add 20% service charge and 6% Maryland state sales tax to the total amount incurred. Please add an additional 9% MD liquor tax to bar options.
Additional Staff: There is an automatic $50.00 fee for a bartender on parties of 30 or more people, or by request on smaller parties that require any type of bar service. No exceptions. Bar type to be determined two days prior to date of event.
Extra Hours: Our Private Dining allows for up to three hours in a private room. Additional hours can be pre-arranged only at a rate of $125 per hour, not to exceed five hours total.


Deposits: A deposit of $300 is required minimum 7 days prior to your event date or upon booking if less than seven days. This is payable by cash, credit card or check. Any deposit not made will result in forfeit of the reservation.
Final payment: Due the day of the event, is payable by cash, credit card or check. Deposits are non-refundable, but of course, are subtracted from your final payment.
Guarantees: Your final head count, final menu changes and details are required 2 days prior to the event. Parties not meeting their final count are obliged to pay for the last count turned in.

Any event booked less than 7 days out require both non-refundable room fee and deposit to be paid at time of booking with minimum 48 hours notice.


The room will start to be set up at least two hours before the scheduled event. If you wish to come in to decorate, please discuss this in advance so a convenient time can be arranged.

Flowers and balloons are always welcome, however, we do not allow anything to be taped, tacked or glued to the walls or windows and NO glitter or confetti of any kind. Use of these items will incur additional clean up charges.

Appetizer Menu

Cold Platters

Cheese/Fruit/Vegetable/Olive Combination Tray
with Crackers and Dipping Sauces
$125 per 25 people

Buffet Style Appetizers

Meatballs (Choose: Italian or Swedish) 
$90 per 25 people

BBQ Wings
$100 per 25 people

Maryland Style Crab Dip (served with pita chips)
$125 per 25 people

Crab Balls (2 oz Pappas Famous Recipe)
$4.00 each item

Bacon wrapped Scallops
$150 per 25 people

Classic Shrimp Cocktail
$150 per 25 people

Mini Spinach & Cheese Pies
$125 per 25 people

Main Event

*Served seated meals. No buffets. *All meals include a garden salad with ranch and house vinaigrette dressings,  sour cream for baked potatoes and soft beverages (coffee, iced tea, fountain sodas)


Choose four (4) dishes below for your menu:
1. 8oz Pappas crab cake
2. 8 oz NY strip steak (gluten free)
3. Broiled salmon (gluten free)
4. Broiled orange roughy (gluten free)
5. Chicken parmagiana
6. Chicken marsala (mushroom marsala sauce)
7. Chicken francaise (white wine, lemon, butter)
8. Pasta primavera (vegetarian)


Choose two (2) side dishes for your menu:
Starches: baked potato, mashed potato, French fries, roasted potatoes, scalloped potatoes
Vegetables: green beans (almandine, buttered or Mediterranean - chose one), broccoli, glazed carrots, coleslaw, pickled beets or vegetable medley (broccoli, cauliflower, carrot medley), apple sauce


Choose one (1) dessert for your menu:
1. Assorted sliced fruit pies
2. Assorted finger pastries
3. Homemade rice pudding
4. Fresh fruit display


Seatings available Sunday - Saturday between 11am-7pm, for your 3 hour event. $32.99/p plus 6% MD state sales tax and 20% gratuities. Extra hours not available on events booked at 7pm. No events booked on Saturday evenings (latest Saturday booking is 2pm).

Bar Options

There is an automatic $50.00 fee for a bartender on parties of 30 or more people or any event requesting bar service of any kind. No exceptions. Bar type to be determined two days prior to date of event or at booking if less than two weeks.

Bar Types (3 Hours) Pick One:

A. Cash Bar: Full bar availability: Liquor, Domestic & Imported Beers, House Wines. Guests pay on own per drink with cash or card.
B. Tab Bar: Choose bar tier option (see below). Event host assumes responsibility for full bar tab payment at end of function which will include taxes and gratuity.
C. Limited Bar: Choose bar tier option. Event host assumes responsibility for price per person rate depending on tier chosen on contract. Every person over the age of 21 is included in this rate. No exceptions.

Bar Tier Options (3 Hours) Pick One:

Option 1: Rail Bar
(Tab/cash = $7/drink, or limited = $20 per person ++)
House vodka, whiskey, gin, rum, tequila, amaretto Triple sec, vermouth, soda, orange/pineapple juices, domestic beer*,house wines

Option 2: Call Bar
(Tab/cash = $8/drink, or limited = $25 per person ++)
Call Brands: (Vodka) Smirnoff & Absolute, (Rum) Bacardi & Malibu, (Gin) Beefeater, (Whiskey) Jim Beam & Jack Daniels, (Tequila) Jose Cuervo; Irish Cream, Kahlua, domestic & imported beer*, house wines

Option 3: Premium Bar
(Tab/cash = $10/drink, or limited = $35 per person ++)
Premium Brands: (Vodka) Grey Goose, (Rum) Meyers & Captain Morgan, (Gin) Tanqueray & Bombay, (Whiskey) Jameson & Crown Royal, (Tequila) Patron, Casamigos, Reposado, (Bourbon) Knob Creek & Makers Mark; Grand Marnier, domestic & imported beer, house wines

Option 4: Beer/Wine Only
a. Cash or tab bar each (plus gratuity):
b. Domestic Beer: $4, Imported Beer: $5, House Wines: $7
c. Limited Beer/Wine Bar: $20 per person ++
++ plus taxes & gratuities
* Domestic Beers Served: National Bohemian, Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Yuengling * Imported/Craft Beers Served: Corona, Heineken, Stella Artois, Sam Adams Boston Lager

Pappas Parkville

1725 Taylor Avenue, Parkville, Md 21234
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